First Announcement: Focus Meeting 9

The IAU Focus Meeting #9 “Stellar Synthetic Spectra to Study Stellar Populations in the Era of Gaia” will be held in the context of the IAU General Assembly 2022 in Busan (Republic of Korea). The website of the event is:

The meeting is in memory of Fiorella Castelli who greatly contributed to the field.

The goal is to assemble the community that has made significant advances in the last ten years in the field of model atmospheres, in the modelling of stellar spectra and the use of synthetic spectra to interpret the observations of stars in the Galaxy and in the Local Group galaxies.

Among the questions that we wish to tackle are: What developments do we need for non-LTE modelling? What developments do we need for 3D model atmospheres? What are the best ways to scale up these methods and compute large grids of model atmospheres and synthetic spectra, to meet the needs of modern stellar surveys ? What are the best ways to validate the realism of synthetic spectra and colours? What is the role of relatively small samples of stars with extremely high quality observations, in the era of large surveys? What are the best ways to extract astrophysical information from extremely large collections of data? The Meeting will take place on August 2 and August 3 (morning), and the program will be as follows:

1) Model atmospheres, current status and challenges
2) Spectrum synthesis, current status and challenges
3) How to use synthetic spectra with high quality and survey data
4) How to use synthetic spectra to analyse observed spectra
5) The road ahead: perspectives for future developments

There will be no invited talks but only contributed talks. For this reason we encourage all the collegues to apply for a talk. Registration of abstracts will open in January 2022 through the IAUGA 2022 web site:

Given the pandemic situation part of the works will be presented remotely. There will be two kinds of registration possible:

  1. in-person registration
  2. virtual registration

Two kinds of talks will be possible:

  1. in-room talks on site
  2. remote talks via zoom (up to 20%)

Two kinds of web-based galleries

  1. e-talks (pre-recorded youtube videos)
  2. e-posters

If you want to propose an intervention for this Focus Meeting, please send a title and abstract to

The IAU will support two speakers, chosen by the SOC, by waiving registration fees. Two more speakers with remote talks will get a discounted registration.

Both possibilities are only available for the “Early Bird” registration (Jan. 1, 2022 – Feb. 28, 2022). For this purpose the SOC will chose the two speakers and the two remote speakers to be supported among the people who proposed a talk up to February 15th 2022 (12:00 CET). Supported speakers will be notified by February 23rd, to allow them to register with the reduced rate.

Regular abstract submission will be accepted up to March 31 2022 (12:00 CET). Abstract submission for e-poster/e-Talk will be accepted up to May 31 2022 (12:00 CET).

N.B. If you submit before Februry 15th, DO NOT register before February 23d, when the SOC will let you know if you were granted the support.

A. Amarsi, P. Bonifacio (co-chair), Ş. Çalıșkan, R. Collet, S. Daflon, S. Hubrig (co-chair), R. L. Kurucz, L. Mashonkina, A. Mucciarelli, B. Plez, L. Sbordone, T. Sivarani, M. Steffen